Welcome to Rainshadow Recording.


Rainshadow Recording is a full service recording studio, offering both analog and digital formats, as well as concert promotion and production services.

Situated in the former power plant at Fort Worden State Park, we offer musicians and producers a relaxed, creative environment surrounded by the history of Port Townsend at Fort Worden.

We have an experienced staff to either engineer your project or assist visiting engineers.

A selection of recordings tracked, mixed, and/or mastered at Rainshadow Recording.

Artist Song Album Time
Simon Lynge To Cross the Sea Dark Brown Eyes 3:55
Maram & Con It's All About You marCo 4:01
Brother Townsend The Raven All the King's Ashes 4:30
Dumb Thumbs Can't Follow Into the Wild 3:21
Hot Club Sandwich New Gravy Waltz No Pressure 4:01
Kilcid Band It Ain't Criminal 4:01
Joel Myers 12 Missed Calls 4:10
John Greyhound Maxwell Moon Shining Bright Even Good Dogs Get the Blues 4:48
Spencer Kelley Judgement Day 3:11
True Reckoning I Digress Better Than Ghosts 3:30
Simon Lynge Dark Brown Eyes Dark Brown Eyes 4:21
Maram & Con Piece of a Peace marCo 2:37
Brother Townsend Just Fine All the King's Ashes 3:38
Sperry Hunt The Last Light Story Songs 4:27
True Reckoning Arctic Circle Better Than Ghosts 4:27
Witcher's Folly Fate 4:25
North Beach The Wheel 3:20